Is Anyone Hosting ghost on

I’d like to put together a group of users running ghost on glitch to look at issues involved
If interested: I followed this tutorial:


I’ve never heard of glitch before but it looks really cool. Thanks for sharing!

Out of curiosity, how does the site work, in terms of conditions and revenue? Do they have any “resource limits” and things, or could people potentially host their Ghost (and other sites) as long as they want?

Glitch is not really a best option to host your Ghost applications for blogs.

I do appreciate you taking the time to so say so but I guess I knew that: This is experimental

Ah! I see.


I will say, the “sleep” thing glitch employs can make loading the page tedious: Here’s my blog

I reckon you can leave it there as long as the company keeps this up (they made Trello)
Other factors

Hm…that sounds reasonable! It’ll make a good test/showcase environment if nothing else (and I guess also a starting point for people who want to give Ghost a shot but are not yet ready to go for the paid version).

And the site itself is very interesting! I like the concept :slightly_smiling_face: