Questions about Ghost

-Is there a limit on traffic? I see the payment plans per month are related to number of subscribers… But is there a cap or slowing of traffic beyond a certain point on the lower paying plans?

-Is there any way to speed up the mobile load time on the news theme? I see largest content paint loads in 3.9s on mobile which isn’t as fast as my wordpress site with generatepress & WP rocket.

-Is it easy to convert a wordpress website to ghost website and vice-versa (say I ever wanted to revert back)?

-How profitable is Ghost? Is there a chance they’d go out of business? I won’t want to join and then have the platform go defunct and be left hanging.

-If writing about socially sensitive topics - is there any way if pressured Ghost would cave and divulge personal information? Or are privacy protections good? (I’m not talking about illegal content - I’m talking strictly socially/politically sensitive/charged topics)

-How fast is the hosting compared to Kinsta? I am currently with Kinsta…

Thanks for any help here…

There’s an important distinction here:

Your questions are primarily about Ghost(Pro). Please reach out to our support for anything not answered here.

Ahh yes my questions were primarily for Ghost Pro.

So I could have unlimited traffic (e.g. millions of visitors) so long as I don’t have many subscribers and there would be no lag in website loading or performance?

Thanks am liking what I’ve read about Ghost.

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