Is Ghost good for event management and event promotion?

My client is considering using Ghost to build an event promotion site (even better if event registration functions can be built in, but just an event promo page at minimum).

Has anyone tried using Ghost for event promotion/management, and what templates and tips would you suggest?

I made my side with ghost and it’s basically an event management company.

I also had a good experience with ghost when I try to update some things on my clubs website. We do a lot of events and the custom functions of ghost has have helped us a lot to make it look more appealing to people. Put that together with a great company that helps us with the preparation of big events when it comes to lighting and sound and you have yourself a great and profitable event. So yeah, you could definitely use ghost for events and parties at least for the presentation on a website.

Could you? Yes, you can code almost anything. And Ghost is pretty flexible.

That said, should you? Ghost is a CMS designed for publishing. You can make it do other stuff, but that’s not what the backend is designed for.

Personally, there are many other ways you could do this without using Ghost. Personally, I love Ghost but would not use it for this purpose.

I agree with @dashad. You CAN do it but there are really no functions out of the box that are intended for event management and promotions.

It has some built in Newsletter management for members, so I suppose you could use that feature to announce event updates and changes and so on. But you’ll likely have to do a fair level of customization.

It’s worth having a look at but if you get to a point where you need to fork the core of Ghost to get features working, then it’s time to look at other solutions.

Just my 2 cents.