Is it ok to stop mysql before upgrading ghost?

My digital ocean droplet doesn’t have enough memory to run mysql server and upgrade ghost. Is it ok to stop the server before running an upgrade ?

No, the database needs to be running to perform an upgrade. If you’re low on resources, consider upgrading to a larger Droplet, or move to a more competitive host. You could also bounce the server immediately before performing the upgrade.

So both the database and ghost itself need to be running to perform an update ?
What does bouncing the server achieve ?

Running ghost update invariably introduces changes to the database.

Restarting the server will free resources used by other processes, and this may mean you have sufficient resources to update Ghost. Otherwise, upgrade your Droplet.

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I have forked ghost as I wanted to make some changes.
The current way I am updating ghost is by running
ghost update --archive /path-to-new-build.tgz --force

Is it ok up update this way ?

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Sorry, I never forked Ghost.

Is there a recommended way to upgrade to a custom build ?
Is it possible to still roll back an update after using ghost update --archive ?

I see from the docs it recommends

# Upgrade Ghost from a specific zip (useful for testing or custom builds)
ghost update --zip path/to/

Thanks for your fast responses!