Running Old Ghost, Want To Upgrade, Not Sure Where To Start


I’d like to upgrade Ghost from a quite old version I’m currently running to a more recent one. I’ve tried upgrading about two years ago on my own and ran into troubles. I didn’t seek support back then but am now. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what specifically the troubles I had were.

I think I have two paths forward, based on the details below.

  1. Upgrade my current setup and upgrade Ghost.
  2. Spin up a 1click install droplet for Ghost alongside my existing droplet and migrate the data from my current ghost install over, as well as the domain.

I’d prefer to go with option 1 if that’s possible. If so, can you please help me with any guidance you can provide to get me started? How do I determine my current version number? Do I need to do certain jumps from where I’m at to get to the latest or can I go from where I am straight to the latest (seems unlikely)?

  • What’s your URL?

  • What version of Ghost are you using?
    Uncertain. What file can I look at to determine this? I’ve previously tried upgrading Ghost and set it down for a year or more and am revisiting it. I’m running pre- 0.5.0 as there’s an “upgrade available” for 0.5.0 message when I login.

  • What configuration?
    Digital Ocean droplet (not pre-install/1click install)
    Ubuntu 12.04 x64
    512 MB Memory
    Node v0.10.18

  • What browser?

  • What errors or information do you see in the console?

  • What steps could someone else take to reproduce the issue you’re having?

Thank you for your help and guidance in advance.

  • Backup your data dir…/content/ghost
  • Export a backup via the lab section

Upgrade from 0.xx to 1.25.5, ensure it’s working / Export a backup via the lab section
Upgrade from1.25.5 to 2.3.0, ensure it’s working / Export a backup via the lab section

There is also the ghost-cli that you might want to install which make to upgrades easier. Search this forum many people asked before :slight_smile:



There is no direct upgrade path from Ghost 0.x to Ghost 1.0 - or rather, that upgrade requires you to start a new blog and move your content, so you have to go with option 2 no matter what.

There’s also no way to import pre 1.0 content into a Ghost v2 blog.

The v1 migration guide is here:
And the v2 migration guide is here:

The upgrade path would therefore be one of the following.

If you want to work on Ghost locally -

  • Install the CLI locally
  • Install Ghost v1.0 using the migration guide but with ghost install --v1 local
  • Follow the v1 migration guide
  • Follow the v2 migration guide
  • Then spin up the DO 1-click which will be on 2.0 and import your content

Or if you want to work entirely on the server

  • Spin up the DO 1-click, you’ll have a fresh copy of 2.0 to play with
  • make a new folder like /var/www/mysite and do ghost install --v1 in there
  • follow the v1 migration guide
  • follow the v2 migration guide
  • assuming you did all that in /var/www/mysite then clean up the original fresh 2.0 install that lives in /var/www/ghost by going to that folder and running ghost uninstall


Hannah, thank you! I’m up and running on the latest version now.


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