Is it possible to create post via IFTTT? How?

So I’m wondering if I can integrate Ghost into IFTTT with webhook service? So I can do something like if an email is sent to my Gmail with subject #create_draft, the create a draft with content in mail body.

But it looks like currently, ghost’s private API only supports authentication via bearer, so I’m wondering how can I achieve this goal? Or I should try to set a subdomain and write my own api that accesses directly to Ghost database?

I don’t know how IFTTT works so I don’t know if the current API auth system is possible there. You would need to hit the /ghost/api/v0.1/configuration/ endpoint to get the client_id and client_secret then hit the /ghost/api/v0.1/authentication/token endpoint to get a token before making your actual request.

Setting up a micro service that proxies requests from IFTTT to Ghost with the correct auth may be necessary.

We have plans to overhaul the API authentication to make this sort of thing easier but it won’t be for a while yet, all current efforts are going towards the new editor and dynamic routing.

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