Can we build a generalized IFTTT applet for Ghost?


Of course, we do have Zapier App integrated into the Ghost but we have to pay them a lot if we want to get the best out of it. What if we could integrate IFTTT instead, into the Ghost?


I’ve heard the reason Ghost doesn’t support ifttt is because ifttt charges a large fee for services to integrate with it, although it’s been a while and my memory could be a bit fuzzy

Oops! I didn’t know that. sorry, my bad.

Maybe we could build our own since custom app supporting is coming to Ghost. Thanks for the information.

If Ghost supports webhooks, you could use those as a workaround. But yes, @vikaspotluri123 is right—IFTTT’s business model is built around charging the app developers, rather than the users.

I will say I gladly spend the $20/month on Zapier because it’s so amazing.

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Vikas is right - IFTTT tried to tell us that we should pay them $2,000/month to be allowed to have an integration on their service :joy: Zapier is way better anyway tbh