Is it possible to disable grabbing subscribers country?

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if it’s possible to disable ghost from logging the subscribers country when they subscribe? Or at least make it appear as “Unknown” in the backend.

Reason: Privacy focused niche community

Hi @donkey! I’m completely on board about the privacy issue and being able to disable some of the data collection. At the moment there is no easy way to do such a thing from within Ghost itself. There are couple things you could do to move closer to a solution:

  1. Post in ideas section describing the usecase. If it gains enough traction, core team might consider to have an easy way to control this kind of data collection.
  2. If you are in absolute need for this feature now, you can disable the code which sets the geolocation for member here. This would mean you’ll have to release and maintain your own version of tryghost/members-ssr package along with a fork of Ghost version that uses your version of the package :grimacing: This is time consuming but doable

Hopefully this helps. Cheers!

Hey @naz

Appreciate the response. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll be doing your 2nd solution. Hopefully, in the future Ghost will incorporate these features natively. It’s my first time using Ghost, and I love it so far.