Is it possible to disable the Koenig editor and use the original one?

If not, where’s the place to submit feature requests?


Hi @bnwd there’s no way to disable Koenig in the admin panel. But if you are looking for old markdown way of editing posts you can always use Markdown card :wink:

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@naz why isn’t there a Option/Switch to choose between those Two Options?

Because of Complexity of Coding or why? Explaining, possible?

@KranzKrone it’s not that straight forward design wise I think. Markdown is essentially now a ‘card’ in Koenig (the same way as HTML or Image Gallery is) and although it’s possible to have a card default set in the editor with some additional coding, it probably just never was critical enough to design such functionality properly (there are more implications to think through once you enable one card over the other, or where it would be configured).

Maybe if there’s a critical mass of users that would need such a feature it would be considered, but it hasn’t been a priority so far. Hope this helps, cheers!

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@naz thanks for the Explanation, it helped a lot in terms of Understanding. :wink:

It’s totally fine for me, with this Solution.

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