Is it possible to get url of first and last posts with Handlebars?


I working on a new theme, and I need to find a way to get the URL of the first and last posts (the same way next_post prev_post works). I’d like to do this with handlebars if possible, so it works in browsers with Javascript disabled.

Any idea how this could be done?


If you are talking about all posts in the blog you could use the {{#get}} helper along with an order parameter of published_at asc and a limit of 1 to get the first published post and an order of published_at_desc to get the last post.

If you are talking about particular tags then you could add that into the filter parameter.

Example for the entire blog:

{{#get "posts" limit="1" order="published_at asc"}}
    {{#foreach posts}}
        First post url: {{url}}

{{#get "posts" limit="1" order="published_at desc"}}
    {{#foreach posts}}
        Last post url: {{url}}


Thanks @Kevin. order="published_at… is exactly what I was looking for — I guess I wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders :innocent:.