Is it possible to have an SVG logo?

I tried to upload an SVG version of a logo and, though it is recognised and accepted in the settings, the front end appears to ignore it. I have tried with other SVGs and the same result occurs.

Is this an error with my installation or is this not currently supported. If it isn’t supported, is there a work-around?

Thank you in advance :).

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Hey @unfurbled, can you please tell which part of front end is ignoring it? Uploading SVG version of logo in Settings -> General -> Publication logo is supported.

Hello @rishabhgarg. Thank you for your response.

“Settings -> General -> Publication logo”

Yes, this is how it was uploaded and I can see it displayed.

Though, it is not appearing where it should on the website – if I use a png everything works.

Website: outlearn

I appreciate your assistance.

Hi again @rishabhgarg

I have solved the issue. It appears that, for Ghost to render the logo, the height and width attributes are needed to be included in the SVG code (for example: viewBox=“0 0 600 72” height=“72” width=“600”).

As soon as I assigned these values the SVG displayed as it should.

I hope this helps someone else.

Thank you again for your time. :slight_smile:


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