Size matters...can't get the publication logo to present properly


I have been trying to put my logo into the publication logo and the sizing is always way off. I have tried 600x72, 1200x144 (pictured) and a dozen varieties but the log always shows up tiny. Any ideas of what I may be doing wrong)

It is edition theme, png files and under the 100kb limit
Screenshot 2022-03-05 at 22.29.57

I have the same issue and have no idea why it’s happening.

mmmm. I have sent a mail to, if I get an answer I i’ll post it here.

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Here was the reply…worked for me. I changed by default from 25 to 65px.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out!

With the theme you are using, I see the logo size being output within your theme is set to the following:

.logo-image {
height: 25px;

If you’d like to increase the display of your logo on your site, this ‘heigh’ value can be increased, either within your stylesheet directly, or you can use Code Injection in Ghost Admin, to overwrite the theme default. For example, you could add something like this (below) to the Site Header using Code Injection:

.logo-image { height: 25px; }

To increase the size, you’d want to increase the value of the “height” to a larger number, then save your settings.

If you have additional questions on this, let us know! We’re happy to help!

All the best

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Thanks for this! I’m trying to figure out what setting must change in my theme, which is Journal. Did you use the code injection method? Or did you modify the template file. If it was the template file, where was it located?

I did it as code injection in the header, very straightforward on my theme. (only thing like this that has been straightforward for me!)

I think I might have to reach out to support myself. I tried what I thought was the correct setting via code injection and it did not work.

It might vary theme to theme. Good luck!

Great support from the Ghost folks. Here was the solution to my issue:

You’ll need to paste a reset style into the Site header, and the CSS needs to be wrapped in style tags.

As it happens I’m working on a site on Journal too, and I also needed to fix a logo this morning so here’s what I’ve used:

    .gh-head-logo img {
   max-height: 80px; 
   height: 100%;
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