Is it possible to update all ghost instances with single command

There are several ghost instances running on a single server.
Is there a Ghost command to update all instances at once?

Or most people use custom shell scripts?

No, there’s not, and I believe for good reason.

For each instance it’s good practice to first run ghost backup before using ghost update. Moreover, when upgrading, messages may be displayed requiring action before the upgrade can proceed. Plus admin credentials, which should ideally be different for each site, are necessary.

Using Bash history, autocomplete, and a password manager speeds things up for me, and it only takes me a few minutes to upgrade three sites.

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My idea was for sites which are low priority.
On which I would like to keep up to date for security reasons.

I was thinking on update unless error + auto backup.
I guess as it is - should be fine for now.

Thanks for the feedback.

You could write a script, but for a few sites it doesn’t seem to be worthwhile.

I use automatic updates with Ubuntu, and update Ghost instances whenever a reboot is required, e.g., I update OS packages, Ghost etc., and then schedule a reboot.

Maintenance took me 12 minutes (duration of SSH session), and most of that was for downloading the new version of Ghost for each site.

On average I update every week to 10 days.

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