What is the maintenance required by a self hosted ghost site?

I mean, once the installation on DigitalOcean and the mail is setup, do I just need to run a ghost update/upgrade when new versions are out?

Or am I missing something?


You’ll also have to keep the digital ocean instance on which you’re hosting secure and updated. Same goes for any other dependencies you might be using, like nginx, mysql, etc…

Thanks. So basically I have to make a sudo apt get update regularly. How do you handle this? I mean, is it possible to schedule the job and automate it or is it just fine to do that when you update ghost?

You can configure your Ubuntu server for automatic updates:

You can also set a cron job to automatically update Ghost weekly if you so choose to. This is the script I use to update multiple Ghost installations at once:

for d in ./*/ ; do (cd "$d/public/" && ghost update); done


Thanks for sharing this, Daniel! I changed it a bit to work on DigitalOcean.

for d in /var/www/*/ ; do (cd "$d/" && ghost update); done

in which file do you put this code?

I use it directly on the command line.

You can create a script ghost-update.sh, which you then run in your /etc/crontab file. This highly depends on where you host your site and what kind of admin/panel you have access to as most of them have some sort of cron job setup functionality.

this is because you have more than one blog? otherwise cd /var/www/ghost and ghost update would be enough?

Yes, I do have many installations.

Using cd /var/www/ghost and ghost update will be enough if you have only one.

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