Is subscription access setting accessible within theme?

In Ghost v4.4 the the Subscription access setting is made to public.
I am looking for a way to access this settings within the theme.

Looks like there is an option members_signup_access the probable 3 values for this option is all, invite or none.

Can this option be access within theme something like this?

{{#if @site.signup_access_all}}
// everyone can signup so show a custom signup button along with other things
{{else if @site.signup_access_invite}}
// invite only, so show just a login link but not anything else
//signup is disabled, so do not show a login or sign up button

For my use case example in v3 when there was an option to disabling members. This option was accessible within an {{if}} block as follows

{{#if @labs.members}}
// members feature is enabled, show custom signup link or form.

{{#if @labs.members}} usage is deprecated but it still works until 5.0. It will evaluate as false when members signup access is set to 'none'.

We’re working on an official replacement but still going through various options. It will be in the release notes when it’s available.

Thanks @Kevin for your quick reply.

I am adding a call to action for premium membership within the theme which shows monthly and yearly plans. I was looking for the possibility to conditionally show this only when signup access set to all.

Anyways, for now I will give instruction to the users to add or delete it manually.

Hope the new options will be available soon.

Also I want to mention another thing. which is not directly related to my question. Don’t know is it already in Ghost’s future road map or not. but access to the option’s in portal ( Plans available at signup) within the theme will be a plus.

Thanks once again! :yellow_heart:

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