Is there a limit to how many tags one can have?

I’ve looked everywhere but can’t seem to find the answer to this. Is there a limit on how many tags one can have? I have thousands of tags. I have tags for every country, several hundred names as tags, and tags that are used for (describing) content, plus of course my general “topic” tags such as “news” in my current CMS. In my current setup “country” and topic tags are separated from the names tag and the content description tags, and I’m concerned it can become a mess if I move to ghost, and perhaps I should figure out another way to tag the content description (which is currently around three thousand tags).

After migrating my client’s site from WordPress to Ghost(Pro) we ended up with over 9000 tags. Everything was working fine apart from the Admin’s dashboard search which was extremely slow and laggy. The front-end search (Ghost native) worked fine.
Now we have cca 2000 tags and things are pretty normal.

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Thank you. I’ll have to figure out another way to tag things.