Is there a way to access/read/write theme files from the Dashboard?

Hi guys,

While I’m aware we can download the theme files and use IDE tools to view/edit them - and even use GitHub actions to edit/upload the theme files, I was just wondering if there are plans to have all theme files visible to be viewed from the dashboard itself - a similar feature like how Shopify allows users to access Theme Code Editor without the need to go anywhere else:

A sample of Shopify Theme Code Editor:

Some contexts behind this:

  • I’ve created some custom routing and custom pages which are working really well to create hierarchical URL structure: <>/<pillar> and <>/<pillar>/<subpages>
  • While subpages are accessible via the Post Editor in the dashboard where content writers can simply put #pillar and it will appear as subpages of the pillar, however, pillar page itself, on the other hand, are purely custom pages with its own custom routing.
  • However, the only way to edit these custom pages is only when I myself would create a new custom page and custom routing and upload the contents from the content writers. This process flow however, causes some concerns among our writers who may want to do quick updates to the article from time to time.
  • Hence, an access to the theme editor from the dashboard would surely allow them to access the custom pages and simply make simple HTML changes to the content without disrupting the entire code.

Let me know if there’s such plans on the roadmap in near future.

This would involve a lot of refactoring of how Ghost currently works, so I don’t think there will implementation on that. You can, however, use the Ideas section here in the forum for that.

To solve your issue at hand, why don’t you use the data property in your routing?

See here:

Obviously, if the page has a customized layout, your writers won’t be able to adjust every little details, but some of it at least?