Is there a way to make paywall content readable for certain IPs?

I am working with a service that provides tracking pixels for every article that I publish. To make this also work for paywall content, they are asking if I can give access to certain IP addresses. Since there are robots browsing the content, a user-based access would not work.

Is there any way this is possible with Ghost?

Not really, no. The paywalled content is only visible if certain cookies are present and valid.

You can’t really fake that with IP addresses, unless you dig into the Ghost core and adapt it – which I wouldn’t recommend.

Happy to be corrected on this :smiley:

Why does this service need access to the post content? I’m confused.

You /could/ stick a reverse proxy / cloudflare worker in front of Ghost that detects the IP address and then fakes up a valid cookie to get different content for a specific IP, but I’m really confused that this is needed for tracking pixels. Something doesn’t make sense here.

Thanks guys. @Cathy_Sarisky the service pays royalties for reads, which is why they need to access all articles.
However, it seems like they also accept a login based access.