Adding paywall to apps hosted on virtual machines

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ive created interactive web apps that are hosted on a virtual machine on
and used iframes to put them inside my Ghost Blog in the interactive reports part of the blog above.

That said, im looking for a solution to how to paywall the apps as well any way to structure this interaction? is this even possible?

im a economist/data scientist not that well versed in web development.

thanks for the help, ghost is awesome! love the platform!

Paywall’ing public pages is not something that can be solved with Ghost, since someone can visit the apps directly without going through Ghost.

It sounds like you could use some custom development help to adapt your helps so that they are only accessible behind a paywall. That’s more complex that selling a newsletter subscription (what Ghost does) or simply selling a digital good, like a PDF, which a number of platforms do.

Your sites need a kind of authentication built-in that ingrates with some service where people can both create accounts and issue payments.

Maybe there’s some other tool that’s makes that easy, but it’s not Ghost.

first thanks for the response marko.

the ideia that i had in mind is that ghost creates a paywall for his post and has payment integration and has the login of paying and not paying user.

at the margin i could ask the user to create a login for the apps and set up a authenticatication in each one of the apps but then his experience in the website would deter significantly.

what i had in mind was trying to understand if there is a way i could use the ghost authentication to auto authencate a user in the app. In other words if there is a way to share the login info for the ghost paywall trough the backend so it autothenticates when a user tries acessing a app.

from what you said looks like thats not possible and having a separate website with the apps may be the way to go.

As far I’m aware, Ghost can’t paywall specific posts, it just has specific subscription levels.

You could write some automation to copy details of Ghost users who paid to another database, but that alone does create authentication. For them to appear authenticated, they need have to somehow share the same authentication cookie in their browser, which implies a very close integration between multiple apps.

This feels like a project for a software developer and not something that can be created with a Lego approach of applying some settings in Ghost and in some other apps.

definitly would be a softoware project, its more of me trying to understand what i need to explain what im looking for. being trying to contact a couple of developers on the ghost specilist sector, do you know anyone that you would trust to develope this part of the integration?

Sorry, I don’t have a recommendation for you. The directory of Ghost experts seems like a good place to start: Ghost Experts