Is there an API endpoint to send email?


I have set the email settings and sent a test email. All works fine, I receive the test email.
However, I can’t find an API endpoint for sending emails. Does one exist?
If no API endpoint exists, how can I send emails?

  • What version of Ghost are you using? 2.6.0


There is no API for sending e-mail. What is it you’re trying to do?


I thought my question was obvious. I’m trying to send emails. And I need an API endpoint to do that, since I already configured mailing settings for Ghost.

Will there be an API endpoint for sending emails?


I asked what you were trying to do (as in use-case) so that I could try and point you in the right direction. There are a number of e-mail service integrations for some typical publishing needs -

However, it seems to be that you’re under the impression Ghost is a development framework? The mailing configuration is so that Ghost can send invite e-mails when you invite users to your publication, nothing more. If you need to send e-mail from your own applications then you should use the library or service that best serves your needs.


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