Is there any "easy" way to style the password protected page?

Is there any way I can style the password login page when using private blogging? I’d love to use this as a “maintenance” or “coming soon” type page. It’d be ideal if we could let theme developers have easy access to this page, to include templates with their own themes, that we could then modify to suit. Currently, it appears this is a core Ghost file only editable via SSH and direct CSS?

That was answered here :slight_smile:

You can just add your own private.hbs to the root of your theme

Ok, copied into the root but it seems I can’t apply CSS changes? The text change is just fine, CSS doesn’t seem to apply.

Looks like stuff moved around, here’s a new link:

From it, if you’re having css issues, you have to do the normal debugging (make sure you’re running any required build scripts, clear any caches, sometimes restarting Ghost helps, etc.)

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The CSS does not work from code injection, so I had to do inline styling inside private.hbs file itself. Seems fine now.