Issue with Journal images lightbox

I am using the Journal theme on my site at - I noticed that when I have images within a post, the lightbox feature seems to not work. When I click an image ( see this post for an example Harry’s Little Log Book ) the image seems to zoom all the way out until there is nothing left but the gray lightbox frame and the X to cancel. Why would this happen?

It looks like your images don’t have width or height attributes, which are required for the lightbox to function properly. How are you adding images to posts?

Additionally, this issue is fixed in newer versions of the theme. Please try reinstalling the theme. Then, images without those attributes will be skipped from the lightbox so you don’t have that weird zoom out issue.

ah thanks, I will update the theme… I am using Ulysses integration with Ghost to publish -


Interesting. :thinking:

Can you try editing the post in question by deleting and re-adding one of the images in the Ghost editor? My guess is that the image will function properly in terms of the lightbox.

ah yeah, that seems to have fixed it … uploaded the image through the Ghost admin vs. Ulysses …