Issue with Sending email

Just set up Ghost in a digital ocean droplet. Edited and added SMTP settings on the config.production.json file. I have set the port as 465. But, later came to know this port is blocked in DO. Reached out to them to enable the port. But they said they can’t do that due to their anti-spam policies. Which port should I use now?

Maybe because of this I am facing quite a few issues:

  1. Subscribers can’t sign up. They get a “Failed to send Magic link error.”
  2. Emails to invite staff members are not going.
  3. Can’t change reply to email in Newsletter.
    How can resolve these issues?

Use a relay, e.g., Mailgun on port 587, assuming this is open.

Probably not if you’re in their 60 day “probe period”.

Try Hetzner* if you can’t wait (I’m very happy with their service after using DO and Linode) or another host.

*They take spam seriously, too, and you first have to verify your ID to use their services.

Moving my set up to another vendor is not something I would like to do. I changed port to 587 and still facing the same issue. Is there anyway I can open ports? currently 80, 443 TCP ports are open. Should I try with these ports?

You’re stuck with no open SMTP ports (25, 465, and 587) for 60 days if you’re in their probe period.

80 and 443 are open because they’re for http/https.