Issues encountered while deploying Ghost on Google Cloud Run


“url”: “http://localhost:2368”,
“server”: {
“port”: 2368,
“host”: “”
“database”: {
“client”: “mysql”,
“connection”: {
“host”: “”,
“user”: “blog”,
“password”: “password”,
“database”: “ghost”,
“socketPath”: “/cloudsql/main-project:us-central1:my-sql”
“mail”: {
“transport”: “Direct”
“logging”: {
“transports”: [
“process”: “systemd”,
“paths”: {
“contentPath”: “/var/lib/ghost/content”
“storage”: {
“active”: “gcloud”,
“gcloud”: {
“projectId”: “main-project”,
“key”: “/var/lib/ghost/key.json”,
“bucket”: “ghost-blogs”


FROM ghost:latest
RUN mkdir /var/lib/ghost/temp
COPY key.json /var/lib/ghost

RUN npm install --save ghost-google-cloud-storage
COPY config.production.json /var/lib/ghost/config.production.json

RUN mkdir -p /var/lib/ghost/versions/5.82.2/core/server/adapters/storage/gcloud
&& echo “‘use strict’;” > /var/lib/ghost/versions/5.82.2/core/server/adapters/storage/gcloud/index.js
&& echo “module.exports = require(‘ghost-google-cloud-storage’);” >> /var/lib/ghost/versions/5.82.2/core/server/adapters/storage/gcloud/index.js



I am running ghost in cloud run by using Ghost-Cloud-Storage adapter(Persistent Storage for images, theme) and MySQL for database. For that i am using above docker file and config.production.json files
I am facing some issues

  1. Initially, Ghost works fine, but after some time, it starts returning a 503 error. Interestingly, it resolves automatically and starts working again, this cycle is repeating.
  2. While I can successfully upload images and store them in a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket, the images uploaded to Ghost are displaying as broken images getting 403 forbidden error.
  3. Although I’m able to upload zip files for themes, they are not being stored in the GCS bucket.