Italics or other formatting in post titles?

Is it possible to use boldface/italic/underlines in post titles? I’d like to be able to correctly italicize a book title in the title of a post I’m writing, but Ghost doesn’t seem to be applying the formatting—it just renders the markdown characters literally (so “Let’s talk about _Book Title_” instead of “Let’s talk about Book Title”).

It’s a minor cosmetic annoyance, but it is an annoyance. Would love to know if I’m just doing something wrong.

Using self-hosted Ghost 1.24.5.

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Hey @lee_ars :wave: There’s no way to do that at the moment, titles are stored as plain text and there would need to be some core changes to work with html because the title field is used both for the front-end display (might be a breaking change for themes as they would need to use triple-curlies to render html) and meta data.

Understood. Thanks for clearing that up, @Kevin!

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