Job: Developer to help with Ghost installation


I am in search of a knowledgeable Ghost expert to help set up my Ghost installation.

The rough outline of work/needs:

  • Change fonts in theme (in the theme doc, there are instructions for this but it involves restarting via the CLI and that is above my realm)
  • Bio in theme with default text from initial install
  • Preload default thumbnail images and description for sharing pages
  • Create author account and admin account upon install
  • Remove Ghost branding
  • Fix portal—Mailgun isn’t working for me….again, I am bad at this.
  • Apply Mailgun key settings from the start in new installations
  • Simple, friendly documentation of how to add a new domain/Ghost installation using DigitalOcean
  • Make sure Favicon’s are branded upon Ghost installations
  • Is there a way to make global changes across domains/installations? Or some sort of automation to deploy?
  • Is an SSO somehow available across subdomains/installations

I hope most of this is fairly easy for people familiar with the software. My budget is $650. If that seems fair, please message me and thank you in advance!

I am interested to work with you. Please send me an email at