Journal and Casper won't show my feed

I was using a custom version of the Digest theme and wanted to switch to the Journal theme and when I do it shows my featured post, but nothing in the feed. It does the same when I switch to Casper. It shows no posts.

But when I switch back to my custom theme it shows all my posts. What am I missing here? I have no custom code at all.

Hey @josephmwood, do you have custom routes setup on your site by any chance? If there’s any, posting that would be helpful.

No. I haven’t uploaded any custom Routes at all. I’m really stumped by this one. If I go back to my custom theme all my posts show up. I know there’s something, somewhere I’m missing, but I don’t know what it is. My site is

I just downloaded the theme from the marketplace and then re-uploaded it as a “custom theme” and it worked. Very strange indeed. Oh well.