Custom themes in content/themes directory aren't appearing unless custom theme folder is called 'casper' - v 3.40.1

Hey guys,

I am in the process of trying to create a new theme but they are not appearing in the design section in the admin console.

There seems to be a bug where the folder will not appear unless it’s called ‘casper’. I changed the name in the package.json in my custom theme folder which allowed me to change the name which appears in the admin console so there is a current workaround, but not ideal.

I can’t replicate. Running custom theme on 3.40.1 as we speak.

@adsy are you adding additional theme folders? casper always has to be present as it’s the default theme and used for fallback in case a custom theme has errors. If you wish to add a custom theme it needs to be in a separate folder keeping the casper folder in place.

@Kevin yes they are added as a seperate folder in the themes folder. Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 9.39.52 pm

Casper appears in the design section of the admin panel with the name I changed it to while massively is not appearing. I am also running and making changes to casper locally as well which is changing on my site :thinking:

Are you restarting Ghost every time you modify anything directly on the server? You’ll have a smoother experience uploading directly from the admin panel so that all the relevant caches are cleared

Yes i’m using nodemon to listen for changes to the files - I haven’t tried manually uploading it but I will see if that works better however, thank you.