Journal theme - accessibility issues

I love the Journal theme. It’s so pretty and I’m excited to get started with my blog (after blogging on and off inconsistently for years, I’ve finally found something to talk about in depth) but there are a few accessibility issues I’ve found with the theme.

The most obvious one I could find - once you open the subscription modal window, there’s no way to close it via the keyboard (the escape key does nothing, and you can’t get to the close button via the tab key) - in theory once you open that modal you’d complete the subscription process, but I think we have to be open to the possibility that people might change their mind.

Normally I would just raise a bug for this on github but the Journal theme repository doesn’t have a section for bugs.

A couple of questions:

  1. Are the Ghost team open to bug reports for the official themes? If not, is this a viewpoint that could change in the future?

  2. To what extent is accessibility considered when creating the official themes?

I’d offer to create a pull request for each issue I find but unfortunately I’m better at finding the issues rather than fixing them (something I do want to change in the future through self-study, but that’s not a short term solution)

I won’t get on a soapbox about accessibility here, but on a selfish note, I’m using the entry level Ghost Pro so I can’t use a custom theme, only the official ones, and I’m going to be writing extensively about accessibility so ideally want my site to have a low number of accessibility issues. Obviously it’s not just me who’d benefit from fixing these bugs.