Themes update (Journal) process

Trying to understand how often the basic themes (in my case, Journal) are updated, and where I see the updates.

I set up a site that is running in Ghost(Pro) several months ago.

I made a few very basic changes to the theme (just simple text changes/additions) and uploaded a modified version, which has been working fine.

I have assumed that when, at some point, Journal is updated, I may need to remake those changes on the updated version of the theme, but as far as I can tell Journal is still on version 1.0, though now thinking I may not be looking in the right place for updates.

I’m looking under Design > Change Theme > Advanced where I see my modified version of Journal, the original unmodified version, and several others I had experimented with in the beginning.

But none are showing updates being available, so I’m wondering if maybe I have to go to GitHub or somewhere else to find the current version??

Sorry if these are dumb questions, I’m not really a developer, though I am familiar enough to make simple modifications, and do similar things in Wordpress, though usually use child themes there to avoid update issues.

My client said he got a notice earlier that said “Your theme contains errors. Some functionality on your site may be limited” so wondering if that is related.

Thanks for any guidance,

I don’t think you get notifications in the admin panel for new theme releases [but I mostly self-host, so perhaps I’m missing something!], and the Ghost team isn’t super awesome about bumping versions when they release a new version of a theme, unfortunately. (I love you, Ghost team, but I /do/ wish you’d bump the version that displays so I’d know if there was something new!)

The notice in the admin panel is new this week. It’ll throw that notice for big major problems I assume) and also for small problems (like the Theme defines a custom parameter and doesn’t use it that I haven’t typically cared about), so it’s hard to know how seriously to take the big red scary box without more information.