Korean input issue in Admin Editor


I noticed that when starting a new line of Korean in the Ghost admin editor, the cursor gets moved off of the character.
For example, when typing the letters ㅇ ㅡ ㅅ consecutively, it should look like this (the pipe is used here to depict cursor location)


With the three keystrokes being combined into a single UTF-8 character. However, on Ghost it looks like this:


This only happens for the first character type in each line, so the current workaround I found so far is to simply type a leading space for every new line. This which makes me think that it might be an issue with when the editor goes from the state with the “plus menu” on an empty line
to a state where it’s inserted text into the line.

It would be amazing if there are any pointers on other workarounds, or if this should be a GitHub issue. Thanks!

I’m running Ghost locally.

Technical Details:
OS: Mac OS X, v10.15.5
Node Version: v12.18.0
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.14.1
Environment: production

My bad, this is already a reported issue.