Korean Input problem in iOS mobile browsers

I installed Ghost v1.24.6 but this have a problem with Korean Input in iOS mobile browsers. Korean is made of a combination of consonants and vowels, which are input separately. I also want to input in Korean in my mobile browser. help me.

Ghost uses UTF-8 encoding, so there should be no problem for any language.

On iPhone: Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Korean

And you get:


Thanks for your comment but I am already using with Korean Keyboard.
This problem is only appears in the Ghost editor in iOS browser and is not appears on Desktop Browser.


You are right, I’ve tried with Safari and Chrome on an iPhone, and typing in the mobile Ghost editor it gives ㅎㅏㄴ instead of 한 . It looks like the mobile editor is not yet ready for Korean input.

So there seems to be some difference with the desktop editor, that you say works well. Let’s hope the Ghost team can find that difference. You can open a bug report (new issue) for them at Issues · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

A temporary workaround is to write in another iOS editor app, and copy and paste into the Ghost editor. I’ve seen it works this way.

The issue is Korean Input problem in iOS mobile browsers · Issue #9710 · TryGhost/Ghost.

I think the problem is upstream within Codemirror which is why it has appeared since the 1.0 upgrade.

Do you see the same problem when using the Codemirror demo on http://codemirror.net?

If you’re seeing the same problem in Koenig (outside of a markdown card) it would be useful to know if that problem is also visible on the mobiledoc-kit demo here Mobiledoc Kit Demo

Typing with an iPhone and a Korean keyboard in those two demos (CodeMirror and Mobiledoc-Kit), both have that problem, with ㅎㅏㄴ instead of 한 . Other tested sites, for example Google and this forum, work well.

@Juan would you be able to open issues on the respective projects with detailed reproduction steps? A screen capture showing the full process would be very useful for anyone picking the issues up as not everyone has access to iOS / Korean keyboards but may have an idea of why it breaks.

I’ve just had another chance to look at this, and I’ve seen there are three workarounds that work on the two demos (CodeMirror and Mobiledoc-Kit), and on the Ghost editor as well:

  • With iPhone’s Korean keyboard, the already mentioned of writing in another iOS editor app, and copy and paste into the Ghost editor.
  • Also with iPhone’s Korean keyboard: Voice input. To test it, click on the microphone icon, say “han” (“one” in Korean) and it correctly writes 한 .
  • Writing with Google’s Gboard Korean keyboard. To install it on iPhone: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Google. From the new keyboard’s top, many languages can be installed, e.g. Korean.

If these workarounds are not enough, I think that Korean users would be more listened to than me when reporting the bugs at those mentioned projects. However, since the freely available Google’s Gboard keyboard works well, maybe that’s not needed.

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