Landing Page like 'The Browser', 'The Listener'

Any idea how The Browser and The Listener built their landing page? What theme are they using ?

I know you can create a static page by changing routes and creating a home template, is that what they did, or someone has a theme with a landing page like that?

How do we recreate it?

That’s exactly how to do things like that with Ghost :slight_smile: There’s a tutorial for custom homepages (or any page) in our docs.

I did check the custom page docs. I was not sure how they (The Browser) added containers and grids with sample posts on the homepage.

Inside your home.hbs (or any your-page.hbs) file you can have any HTML you want. When you couple it with the {{#get}} helper you can pull in individual or sets of posts/pages for a completely custom display.

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