Liebling Theme - Change Dark Mode Font Color

Hello there lovely people!
I was wondering if it is possible to set separate font colors for both light and dark mode for the Liebling theme.
My issue is that I don’t like the standard color of the Liebling theme in light mode is too bright for my taste, but if I set the color for the

tag is also set for dark mode.

I would really appreciate any input on this.

Best regards

I just found the solution myself and thought I’d share it in case somebody runs into the same issue in the future:

–primary-foreground-color: #000000;
–link-color: #4C137E;
–titles-color: #000000;
–primary-subtle-color: #4C137E;
–primary-foreground-color: #ffffff;
–link-color: #8E66AE;
–titles-color: #ffffff;
–primary-subtle-color: #8E66AE;}

–primfary-foregroud-color sets the color of the p tag

I have a similar issue with the Valkier team after updating to Ghost 4. Where do you place what you posted?