Limited access to public blog posts

We’re having issues with our content. When you view a specific tag in the blog only 4 articles are displayed, even if there’s more associated with that specific tag. All posts are set to public so there’s no gated/membership setting blocking them.

Example, our ‘coach hub’ tag has 8 posts, but I can only see 4. (Coach Hub - Streamline Athletes)

Installed theme:

nurui (custom-nurui-2.3.4)

Version 2.3.4

After a quick look into your site, it looks like your “post-per-page” is set to 4. On home page there is a load more button. But in your tag page it is missing.

As you are using a premium theme, it is difficult to pinpoint exact issue. But it looks like issue is not related to membership setting or ghost, but the theme.

Please recheck, did you removed any pagination related code in tag.hbs file or any JavaScript code which is preventing the next page load.

In your case it is best to contact the theme author who knows about the theme inside out.