Display issue on a tag page


I directly apologize for my English, I use an online translator.
I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right place, but I have a problem with my theme (Headline: https://headline.ghost.io/).

When I’m on the home page, there are the different tags, and the 7 most recent posts (maximum) for each of them.
However, it is possible to have published more than 7 posts in total with this tag, so to see all these posts, you would have to go to the page which concerns this tag.
For example, on the original theme, if we click on Environment button, the page will display more than 7 posts.

In my personal blog, when I do this, not all the posts are displayed. I don’t understand why because I don’t think I did any code injection that would have changed this.

But, I’m a beginner in html/css so…maybe that’s the case, I don’t know.
In my opinion, I only made specific local modifications (deletion of the image of the post once it is opened) or general but “lambda” modifications (background colors).

Here is my blog if you want to visualize the problem (visible only with the Football tag because it is only with this tag that I have more than 7 posts) : https://www.sport-with-r.com/

I checked that the post not displayed on the Football page had the Football tag (so I don’t think the problem comes from here.). This is the first post visible on the Gallery page.

If you have questions on points that I haven’t mentioned and/or if you have ideas to understand why I have this problem…thank you !

PS : If the problem has already been reported elsewhere, I’m sorry for the unnecessary post. I couldn’t find the information.

Have a good day

Your additional post is here:


I suspect that in your edits, you’ve accidentally broken the infinite scroll that should automatically pull in that additional content when the user scrolls.

I suggest carefully comparing your edited version of the theme to a fresh download of headline.


Thank you for your comment.

I’ll try to look carefully at my code injections. And I will come back to say if I managed to find the error.

I’m already back… I found the cause of the problem but I don’t understand why!

I went through code injections. I tested by deleting this or that, and it turns out that when I delete my display:none for the < footer >, I have my famous missing post appearing.

But I don’t see the relationship between the footer and the article tag which contains the post, which is above the footer and not inside (I remind you that I am a beginner in CSS/HTML…).

Initially I made my display:none on the < footer > because I didn’t like it. I wanted something simple with just a little line (“Sport with R © 2023. Published with Ghost & Headline”).

And then after my display:none, I created another < footer >. Given the consequences, I guess it was a bad method…

In the end, I didn’t delete the initial footer, and I put display:none on the elements inside it, then added my line with a div.

So I have my simple line again, but this time without the absence of the famous post.

Thanks !

I suspect that the infinite scroll (which loads items beyond the first 7) is triggering on some element which you had caused to not display, which meant that it couldn’t get scrolled up to view, triggering infinite scroll.

I’m glad you were able to solve it! :)