Link straight into Newsletter preferences in #/portal

One thing I could not found anywhere and had to guess the URL is how to redirect the readers, with only one click, to manage their newsletter preferences.

If you go to Settings > Members you can only check the links for account, account/plans, account/profile, which is useful.

But if you want to direct your readers straight into their newsletter management, you can use account/newsletters, like

I have no idea why this is not mentioned anywhere in Ghost’s documentation (at least I did not find it after searching quite a bit).

[EDIT] I reckon they do put that link now, I was probably using an older version of Ghost.


All portal URLs are available in the portal settings area

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Tks for clarifying that, John. I reckon I was using an outdated version og Ghost. I am at 5.24.2 and I did not have that line.

I edited the first post to add that.