Is there a URL for member portal?

Hi - apologies if this post is left-field, but I’m a paid member of a Ghost subscription / newsletter, however I can’t find where to cancel it anywhere.

On the Help Site, it references going to a ‘member portal’ - however there are no links I can find to such a portal. There is also no admin email to contact, so it seems I’m trapped paying for this until I block it at my CC end.

Really appreciate any help here! Interested in using Ghost myself soon :slight_smile:

It’s usually

Thankyou - adding /#/portal to the domain after I was signed in brought me to the page. Not sure if that’s already on any help sites / documentation, however something worth considering, as it was quite hard to find. Thanks again!

The blog owner has responsibility to include links to the membership pages. However, signing in to the site and visiting your profile should take you to the portal.