Link to author page on posts does not update to new slug after updating a staff user

When changing a user’s slug, the author links on their posts do not update and lead to 404’s. I have observed this on a self hosted instance on digital ocean as well as Ghost(Pro).

  • URL:
  • Ghost(Pro) 2.25.4
  • What steps could someone else take to reproduce the issue you’re having?
  1. Observe that the link in a byline of a post is `/author/firstname-lastname
  2. Change that user’s slug to a-different-slug
  3. Observe that the link is still /author/firstname-lastname

A work around is to change the author of the post, then change it back. At that point the byline link will have updated.

Is there a way to avoid the workaround or is this a bug? It doesn’t make sense to keep a link on the byline because it goes to a 404 page since it doesn’t exist anymore.


Are you seeing this consistently? I’m not able to reproduce it.

I am. Here is a gif reproduction of what I am seeing.

It looks like the view site content isn’t being refreshed after you make a change… can you reproduce this if you open your site in a new tab?