Link to author page on posts does not update to new slug after updating a staff user

When changing a user’s slug, the author links on their posts do not update and lead to 404’s. I have observed this on a self hosted instance on digital ocean as well as Ghost(Pro).

  • URL:
  • Ghost(Pro) 2.25.4
  • What steps could someone else take to reproduce the issue you’re having?
  1. Observe that the link in a byline of a post is `/author/firstname-lastname
  2. Change that user’s slug to a-different-slug
  3. Observe that the link is still /author/firstname-lastname

A work around is to change the author of the post, then change it back. At that point the byline link will have updated.

Is there a way to avoid the workaround or is this a bug? It doesn’t make sense to keep a link on the byline because it goes to a 404 page since it doesn’t exist anymore.


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Are you seeing this consistently? I’m not able to reproduce it.

I am. Here is a gif reproduction of what I am seeing.

It looks like the view site content isn’t being refreshed after you make a change… can you reproduce this if you open your site in a new tab?


Maybe I have the same Problem. I added an Staff User as Editor. Not Admin. But I can’t reach the Author Page for this User.

What can I do?

Maybe it’s been resolved by now, but I experienced the same problem and it was resolved by restarting Ghost.

Still 404 Error

Are you able to access the author pages for other authors? If this is impacting all of your authors, it could be something to do with your routes.yml file.

I have edited the routes.yml but can Only reach my profile not the other.

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I have the same issue! Any solutions?

I was seeing the same thing. My staff user slugs were basically all {{firstname}}-{{lastname}}. I went through and changed them manually to {{firstinitial}}{{lastname}}. But I noticed that the link for the author at the top of each post was pointing at /author/{{firstname}}-{{lastname}} still, not the new slug.

My solution was to change my post template so that instead of using “{{url}}” for the author URL, I just manually use “{{@site.url}}/author/{{slug}}”.