Linking to membership tier that's not on portal?


Just wondering if it’s possible to link to a membership tier that’s not available via the portal. i.e if we want to have an additional membership plan, but we don’t want it to show up for everyone to purchase?


Yes! Go to SettingsMembershipCustomize Portal. In the dropdown in the top right, choose Links. You’ll be able to select the tier you want with a direct link to the Stripe checkout page.

I knew about the links page, but looks like it only provides link options to the tiers which are being shown in the portal? I’m wondering if there’s a way I can have an option which is active, and which I can link to, but which isn’t displayed to everyone on the portal?

You can copy links for tiers, whether they are shown in Portal or not. There’s a dropdown to select your different tiers.

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Hi, is there a way to edit these link, lets say only for a specific plan I wish to use different payment provider, is it possible?