Load issue on Digital Ocean

I installed ghost on a Digital Ocean droplet (Currently using: Basic / 1 GB / 1 vCPU) using the pre-made Ghost image and the official tutorial. Sadly I’ve load issues that freeze the instance. I just created 2-3 posts and uploaded some images.
FYI, Memory is already at 80% at restart.

Do you know how can I fix that?

You may want to edit your post to say load, not charge.

I find that 1GB is insufficient memory to reliably run Ghost in production, so recommended the 2GB plan. Otherwise, the CPU will max out from time to time and bring the site down. Well, that’s my experience.

However, some users do get by on the entry plan, so I’d be interested in what they have to say.

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I had a similar memory load (close to 90%) but then I added a 2 GB swap by following DigitalOcean’s guide, which has helped keep the memory usage to about 50-70%.

I confirm. The tutorial should not say 1GB is enough. I’m using a 2GB plan now and everything is ok