Logo not appear

I recently installed Ghost CMS version 4.0.0 locally cpanel for my website, and while the installation process went smoothly, I’m encountering some issues with the appearance of the logo and the menu. I’d appreciate any insights or assistance in resolving these problems.

  1. Logo Display Issue: The logo on my Ghost site is not appearing as expected. Instead, it seems distorted or not loading properly. I’ve checked the file path and made sure the image file is in the correct location, but the problem persists.

  2. Menu Display Issue: Additionally, I’m facing problems with the menu. It doesn’t seem to be rendering correctly, and the navigation items are not displayed as intended. This is impacting the overall user experience on my site.

**Environment Details:

  • Ghost CMS Version: 4.0.0
  • Installation Type: Local
  • Operating System: cpanel
  • Browser: edge

click it go localhost not the the url :https://library.bathesdad.com

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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It looks like you’ve changed themes since you posted this. Do you still need help? If so, rather than letting chatGPT write your post, please carefully explain the problem. Is the logo not loading? What path did you check, what location? That makes literally no sense, since you’re supposed to upload the logo in the Ghost admin panel. Or is the logo distorted? These are not the same problem.

If you’re really on 4.0.0, upgrading would be a good first step.

Chat GPT doesn’t understand your problem, so it can’t help you get help with it.


I like old version of ghost. I fix the issue but seems SMTP not reloading on newsletter button

Works only with mail@bathesdad.com