After update to 4.0.1 can`t access admin site


I update ghost to 4.01 from version 3.x. I use node 14.16.0 via nvm.
Site is runing almost well. Have just issue with wrong image url - all of them have “GHOST_URL” on the front of url address.

But much bigger problem habe with admin site.

Admin url:

And got error:

# 404

## Resource could not be found.

Go to the front page →

Have no issue when start ghost:

> node index

[2021-03-17 12:52:34] INFO Ghost is running in development...
[2021-03-17 12:52:34] INFO Listening on: [object Object]:2368
[2021-03-17 12:52:34] INFO Url configured as:
[2021-03-17 12:52:34] INFO Ctrl+C to shut down
[2021-03-17 12:52:34] INFO Ghost server started in 0.573s
[2021-03-17 12:52:34] INFO Database is in a ready state.
[2021-03-17 12:52:34] INFO Ghost database ready in 0.816s
[2021-03-17 12:52:35] WARN Theme's file locales/pl.json not found.
[2021-03-17 12:52:35] WARN Falling back to locales/en.json.
[2021-03-17 12:52:36] WARN Theme's file locales/pl.json not found.
[2021-03-17 12:52:36] WARN Falling back to locales/en.json.
[2021-03-17 12:52:36] INFO Ghost booted in 2.939s

Please help me - have no idea what is wrong.

Problem with images - fixed. But still have issue with no access to admin site.

@Hannah, could this be related to Images not showing, url says GHOST_URL/content/ ?

@Torqu3Wr3nch - this problem is fixed now.

Anybody give me hand with adin panel ?? Still have no idea why is ERROR 404.

Anything in the error log?

Also, for others, how did you fix the images?

@naymapl, how did you install Ghost and how do you update?

This doesn’t look like Ghost CLI and it looks like you are missing files :thinking:

No - i`cant install via ghost cli - its imposible to install it on my serwer. I upgrate manualy.

If you’re doing things manually, you need to share as much information as possible if you want help as we literally know nothing about your setup.

After update to 4.1 everything runing well. Thanks for help anyway.