London theme - missing #subscribe styling?


I’m using a fresh installation of Ghost via Digital Ocean’s one-click install. While setting up the London theme, I noticed that there’s no styling for the subscribe modal (Menu > Labs > Subscribers). I’m sure it’s just me - or is it? I don’t actually see anything related to #subscribe in /London-master/assets/css/screen.css.

This is by no means a complaint! The theme is gorgeous and I am grateful for it (thank you to the author(s)), but just wanted to know if I’ve done something wrong or it just never got done.

Thank you

Hey hey, you’re right - subscribers is not supported in London at present. It’s a beta feature, and you can definitely use it if you want to experiment with it, but you’ll need to edit the theme with some extra styles :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, pleased to get a reply, let alone so quickly. Thank you very much, John.

I’m as green as they come to Ghost so still digging around on the web / local env for where to make changes, etc. Such a buttery smooth frontend experience thus far, can’t wait to learn more. Thanks kindly for such a great tool.

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