Looking for an On-Page SEO expert

I’m on the hunt for a seasoned SEO consultant with a deep understanding of the Ghost.io platform. My goal is to optimize my landing page and blog, blog is hosted on Ghost.io, to harness the full power of SEO.


SEO Analysis: Dive deep into the current SEO landscape of my custom landing page and Ghost-hosted blog.

Actionable Recommendations: I’m looking for concrete steps to enhance both on-page and off-page SEO.

Keyword Insights: Share your expertise on keyword research and crafting a content strategy that resonates with Ghost.io’s capabilities.

Backlinking Guidance: Enlighten me on the best practices for backlinking, especially those tailored for Ghost.io.

Comprehensive Reporting: At the end of our collaboration, I’d like a detailed report that captures your findings and the roadmap ahead.


SEO Mastery: Your track record should speak volumes about your prowess in SEO consultation.

Ghost.io Acquaintance: A deep familiarity with the Ghost.io platform and its unique SEO challenges is a must.

Trend Awareness: Stay updated with the latest in SEO, especially the ever-evolving Google algorithm.

Strategic Thinking: I value clarity. Your strategies should be actionable and straightforward.

Communication: This journey requires excellent communication. Let’s ensure we’re always on the same page.


To kick things off, I’d appreciate an initial SEO audit of the site. This will give us a starting point and a clearer direction for our collaboration.

If you believe you’re the right fit for this role, please drop me a message. Looking forward to optimizing and growing together!

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Hey @Ignas happy to run a site audit for you and help provide some initial direction for your SEO efforts. Let me know if you’d like to sync for a quick chat over the next few days. Looking forward to your thoughts.


Hi, please email me at igalvelis at gmail.com with your availability for UK time zone to arrange a meeting