How have you found Ghost compared to Wordpress for SEO?

I am currently setting up my blog site using Ghost after doing research and initially starting building in Wordpress. One of the main reasons why I went with Ghost was the built in SEO.

I wanted to ask existing members, what their actual experiences were vs using Wordpress and third-party integrations such as YOAST SEO? Has your Ghost site been great for search engines and bought in traffic?

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So far, I miss some of the features of Yoast, and I haven’t seen a massive boost to my SEO performance.

Having said that, I think the value of Ghost will come in the focus that the platform provides. I won’t be fiddling with lots of plugins and tools etc, (since I can’t), and maybe then I’ll focus more on my content.


For each post, Ghost includes Meta Data and Code Injection. This is quite beneficial from an SEO standpoint.

I wanted to ask about that, it is not clear to me if this needs to be filled out. When left blank, what happens? Do you know?

Ghost has a full suite of SEO features out of the box (no plugins required), including automatic and custom meta data, Twitter and Facebook cards, automatic sitemaps, structured data, and RSS feeds.

The speed of your blog is another important factor for SEO. Independent tests have found Ghost to be up to 1900% faster than WordPress - read more. In a nutshell, if you’re using a well optimized theme and images, you can expect to benefit from good site performance.

@Crypto_Fireside If you leave the meta data blank, Ghost automatically uses the data available as a fallback. For example, if you don’t set a meta title, the title of the post is used. If you don’t set a meta description, then the excerpt or the first section of the post is used :slight_smile:

Bear in mind that Google may choose to display different meta data in the search results than what you provide!


OK that is what I thought and answers my question thanks.

On the topic of speed for SEO and images.

1] what is the recommended image type, size, and aspect ratio? or where can I find this info please? I have noticed the featured image in Casper looks horrible most times and search console is giving me a ton of LCP warnings Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

@Crypto_Fireside feature image aspect ratio varies across different themes, but for Casper a regular 16:9 should work. Bear in mind that if you use images that shouldn’t be cropped (e.g. diagrams) then you may bump into issues with that.

If you are using featured images where cropping is an issue, Casper actually has a dedicated layout that you can use. If you go to the Design settings page, under Homepage → Feed layout, and select the “Grid” option.

Read more about automatic image resizing. We also recently added a new img_url helper, which has not been added to Casper yet but it’s on our radar.