Lyra theme issues with links

Hi, i recently set up a paid blog on Ghost and downloaded the Lyra theme. I’m using a custom domain as well. The main custom domain is working, but the subdirectory pages for members are not working. Every time I click the Log in or Subscribe page, I get a 404. I think I need to change those links to direct to the portal ones that are listed under the Links in the Labs->Members->Settings section, but I don’t see a way to do that. I’m not technical, so maybe I have to edit in the code somewhere?

Would love some help, thanks!

Inside your download is routes.yaml file. Go into your Ghost panel, go to Labs and scroll right down to the bottom where you see Routes, upload the file there and try again. You may have to restart Ghost (via SSH)

@benravetta That worked, thanks so much! Also, do you know how to change the email copy of the automated one that gets sent out when someone subscribes? It only shows a way to change the font in the settings

Not really editable at present, Ghost have only just added those small customisation features for the email newsletter.