Mailgun Alternatives

Sorry, not much I can do here: Mailgun alternative - #8 by barnabynagy
This is a problem that needs to be solved with Mailgun.

After reviewing the account in detail, we have determined that the sending limitation will remain in effect temporarily due to the lack of sufficient sending history on the account.

To establish sufficient sending history with Mailgun and conclude the evaluation process, please conduct normal business operations with 3-5 days of consistent sending.

They are super slow and useless in their response. Just using template answers

Ok. Yeh i dont know. I follow youtube tutorals on it and now i can do it easily.

If you go on youtube you will find it. There is only about 3 videos on how to do it

The best way i found with it is to install the ghost droplet and go through the whole process.

While that is going set up the mail gun dns
After than then put the setting on and add the https

Then make a noreply@emample email and get the password.

Then add to the config and restart ghost.

Then go the top right menu and get the email api and add to the mail gun settings when you go the ghost site.

Oh and the domain in ghost mailgun


Like this

Everything is set up I just need mailgun to approve my account