Mailgun alternative

Is there any plan to provide alternate methods for sending emails?

Having a lot of issues with Mailgun, and additionally their high prices.

Would be nice to have more than one option.

I’m still new to Ghost, and I really like it. Have gone from zero hits to paid subscribers and a following in under a month. Still surprised by all that. The only Achilles heel is Mailgun. No idea why it’s the only one when they have such terrible service and support.

There needs a different plan. Right now I am going with Mailchimp + Zapier so there are no statistics coming into Ghost and for such a well-built platform, that just feels wrong.

If the mantra of “no bullshit” stands, then Mailgun should not be the only provider, regardless of the fact that Ghost does not benefit from this. It’s just a terrible service ruining a fantastic product.

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apart from using mailgun, i believe it will be nice to add ses as a second option