MailGun is ending their free tier March 1st. Does anyone have good alternatives?

They are moving all free tiers to a pay as you go, meaning that people currently using the free tier will have to start paying.

What else exists? I have tried SendGrid, where you can send 100 emails/day (3000/month). But one might exceed this limit if you reach the front page of any big magazine, forum etc.

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Amazon SES is very Cheap
Hope they bring SES Setup Feature like Mailgun

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Any other options? It’d be nice not to feed the Amazon beast if possible.

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I also heavily used routes (free business email), allowing me to respond to marketing emails and transactional emails. This now won’t be allowed to set up on pay as you go tier.

Other recommendations, welcome!

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Mailchimp is an obvious alternative - but will only run a scheduled RSS notification. In the past I have found that quite useful though - because I get to correct errors before the notification goes out.

I’ve been also looking for this and I found a couple providers, though I haven’t sat down to test them yet:

  • Pepipost
  • SendInBle